Experiential Learning & Experimental Teaching

This morning, I finally got around to reading Bonnie Stewart's SlideShare from her Northwestern University talk: today i got to hang out at @NorthwesternU and talk experiential learning & its intersection with digital learning thanks to @matthewlaron & #TEACHxperts & it was way fun & MAN this is a pretty place. slides from the opening … Continue reading Experiential Learning & Experimental Teaching

Jazz Teaching and Open Pedagogy

Throughout my tenure as a professor, my teaching practice has become continually innovative, iterative, evolving, and messy, although messy in this sense means something more akin to the ideas underlying jazz music. “Jazz teaching” is less messy than “highly improvisory, depending for its appeal more on the skill, intuition, and experience of individual performers than … Continue reading Jazz Teaching and Open Pedagogy

Revisiting “The Danger of a Single Story” for #UnboundEq

I rewatched Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "The Danger of a Single Story" this morning. (Ms. Adichie's awesome webpage is here: https://www.chimamanda.com/) I had watched this TED talk previously because it is, indeed, one of my sister Christy's favorite TED talks of all time. Christy believes in the power of stories, and it is part of our … Continue reading Revisiting “The Danger of a Single Story” for #UnboundEq

Wrestling with the Inner Pedagogue

I have been reading "An Urgency of Teachers" by Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel. Excited to announce the release of a book I’ve been working on with @slamteacher for the last 2, 7, or 18 years, depending on how I count. It’s available now in paperback, Kindle, and open-access. All proceeds benefit the @HybridPed … Continue reading Wrestling with the Inner Pedagogue

My Alt-CV/Un-Introduction for #UnboundEq

There's something delightful in thinking about how to design things in the exact opposite way they have been designed previously. In my design experiences, we've used Wrong Theory to "break" design, and I marvel at the ways Wrong Theory continues to infiltrate my life in new and unexpected ways. The newest is, of course, the … Continue reading My Alt-CV/Un-Introduction for #UnboundEq

My Leadership Philosophy Part 1 – My Leadership Definition and Vision

My Definition of Leadership My definition of leadership has definitely evolved throughout this spring semester. From my preliminary paper’s definition - “Leadership is the ability of person or small group of persons to move a group or a situation towards a collective goal” – which mimicked to some degree Northouse’s (2016, pg. 6) definition - … Continue reading My Leadership Philosophy Part 1 – My Leadership Definition and Vision