Teaching Activities

Central New Mexico Community College (2002-present)University of New Mexico (2012-2014)
Taught approximately 300 students every Fall/Spring semester (the equivalent of six lecture courses each term) as well as approximately 150-200 students every Summer semester (the equivalent of three lecture or lab courses) in both face-to-face and online environments. Courses taught include Introductory Chemistry (lecture and lab), General Chemistry I and General Chemistry II (lectures and labs), Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry II (lectures), Organic and Biochemistry (lecture), and Introductory Statistics.Taught approximately 300-375 students in one face-to-face General Chemistry I lecture per fall and spring semester using an active learning environment. Clickers, online homework, classroom exercises with extensive group work were employed with the aide of peer learning facilitators (PLFs), Supplemental instructors (SIs), and graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants (TAs).
Met weekly with Supplemental Instructor (SI) to communicate issues and align expectations. (2012-2015)Met weekly with and mentored/advised extensively my learning team, including PLFs, SIs, and TAs (Teaching Assistants).
Developed online resources, including master course shells, student discussion environments, assessments (including opportunities for reflective learning), surveys, assignments (take home quizzes, projects, papers, and exams), comprehensive learning modules, etc. within D2L BrightSpace, Canvas, Bb Learn (including Collaborate), BlackBoard (CE 8.0), Wimba, and online homework (such as MasteringChemistry, SmartWork, Wiley Plus, Chem101, and Sapling Learning) classroom environments.Developed online resources, including master course shells, student discussion environments, assessments (such as timed chapter quizzes), assignments (take home quizzes and exams), comprehensive learning modules, etc. within BlackBoard (CE 8.0), Bb Learn (including Collaborate), and online homework (such as MasteringChemistry) classroom environments.
Developed curricula including in-class learning worksheets, discussion prompts, reflective learning surveys, games, group work, case studies, etc. I also done some work on Academic Self Efficacy.Developed curricula including in-class exercises, homework, exams, etc.
Used innovative student evaluation techniques, including ungrading. Focused on providing authentic learning experiences and assessments through an asset frame.
F2F, hybrid, blended, and distance learning classes have been taught extensively.
Helped to redesign the General Chemistry Labs (2005-2006) and the Organic Chemistry Labs (2018-2019).
Table 1. CNM Teaching Activities vs. UNM Teaching Activities

Videos on Critical Pedagogy and Critical Digital Pedagogy can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvPPGG-z9vbUiWoBOzJI–g