Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters and Journal Articles

  • Sorensen-Unruh, C. (2020). A STEM Ungrading Case Study: A Reflection on First-time Implementation in Organic Chemistry II. In S. Blum (Ed.) Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and what to do instead) (pp. 139-155). Morgantown, WV: West Virginia University Press.
  • Schwartz, D.B., Shimabukuro, K., Meyers, K., Gautschi, H., Bernardi, F., Spelic, S., Sorensen-Unruh, C., Robinson, W. & Carlson, B. (2020). Educators Reflect on the COVID-19 Crisis. The National Teaching & Learning Forum, 29(4), 3-7.
  • Sorensen-Unruh, C. (2020). A Statistical Analysis of the UNM FACETS Design Identity & Beliefs Survey Data (149) [Master’s thesis, University of New Mexico]. UNM Digital Repository.
  • Sorensen-Unruh, C. (2018). A Reflective Teaching Evolution: Using Social Media for Teaching Reflection and Student Engagement. In C. Sorensen-Unruh & T. Gupta (Eds.), ACS Symposium Series (Vol. 1274, pp. 35–59). Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.
  • Sorensen-Unruh, C. (2017). ConfChem Conference on Select 2016 BCCE Presentations: Radical Awakenings—A New Teaching Paradigm Using Social Media. Journal of Chemical Education, 94(12), 2002-2004.

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