#MYFest22: On Questions and Ungrading Equity

I posted ten questions I've been considering throughout #MYFest22 on a Twitter thread recently: https://twitter.com/RissaChem/status/1539929596459569152?s=20&t=4MFfoC3jgHEmnPUQV5O7MA The complete list of questions is: How do we upend the norms of education such that we can embrace a communal vision that foregrounds intentionally equitable hospitality in open & emancipatory ways?What barriers (real & imagined) stand in our ways … Continue reading #MYFest22: On Questions and Ungrading Equity

#MYFest22: An Introduction

I'm super excited to be involved in something called #MYFest22 (Mid-year festival) this June, July and August. It is a choose-your-own-adventure festival of virtual professional development that is trying to build an emergent, creative, caring community that embodies the ethos of intentionally equitable hospitality. The #MYFest22 organizers (full disclosure: I am one) are folks I … Continue reading #MYFest22: An Introduction