I work to build consensus among those I’m leading as we work towards a common goal. My leadership skills include facilitation, communication, big-picture + detail orientation, and creative thinking + problem solving. I also value my reflective orientation as well as my ability to listen deeply and presently.


I am apt at coordinating large and small groups as well as projects and programs. My coordination skills stem from my desire to support my team members effectively and include leading effective meetings, conversing through backchannels (like Discord, Slack, MS Teams, WhatsApp, email or text), scheduling through Doodle or other mechanisms, moving projects forward using collaboration tools/sites such as OneDrive, Sharepoint, or Google Office, and so much more.


My collaboration skillset is extensive as it has been built from local, national, and international collaborations. As I said in the previous section, I regularly use collaboration tools/sites such as OneDrive, Sharepoint, or Google Office. I can use MS Teams as well as Brightspace shells for more formalized internal collaboration. I organize collaboration spaces effectively, with multi-leveled access if needed.


As the beginning of my career was in HR at Intel Corp., I am well aware of the need to celebrate employees who are doing amazing work and, if needed, sometimes helping employees reform detrimental behaviors. I believe giving feedback early and privately when potential issues occur, and then investing in restorative justice when disciplinary actions are needed coupled with the ongoing need for clear lines of communication and collaboration to help employees see where corrective action might be needed. I am familiar with HR software packages from the early 2000s, so I’ll need to be caught up to speed on the current software package (including its functionality) CNM is using.


While I detailed my orientation towards clear, concise communication on several platforms in the YouTube video, my written and oral communication skills have always oriented towards the intended target. I use social media, MS and Google Office, Outlook, Text, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, etc. to communicate effectively. I use Canva, Visio, and other tools to enhance communications further.

Research (Quantitative and Qualitative Skills)

My quantitative skills include data cleaning, multiple and multivariate statistical analysis, designing and implementing surveys, and data communication and visualization. I can program in R, Matlab, SAS, and in Python. I also use MS Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets extensively in data cleaning and data visualization. My qualitative skills include designing and conducting interviews and focus groups. I have coded interview transcripts, narratives, and artifacts using in vivo, thematic, VAB (values, attitudes, beliefs), holistic, narrative, hypothesis and grounded theory coding techniques. I have used case study (including multiple case study) analysis, narrative analysis, grounded theory, evaluative research and design-based research.