Statistics Videos:

Video Title Video Contents Website Link Time (min:sec)
Experimental Design: Introduction This video explains the basics of experimental design, including a discussion of independent vs. dependent variables. Videos made by Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh on CNM Glass. 8 min 10 s
Statistics: Introduction What is statistics and why does it matter? A beginning understanding of statistics is described in this video. Based on notes of a lecture given at UNM in Spring 2015. 5 min 25 s
Statistics: Population vs Sample What is the difference between a population and a sample? And why is it so difficult to measure parameters instead of statistics? 9 min 42 s
Statistics: Branches This video describes the branches of statistics, mainly descriptive vs. inferential. Point estimation, interval estimation, and hypothesis testing are discussed. 7 min 5 s
Statistics: Hypothesis Testing This video shows the steps for hypothesis testing based on Erik Erhardt’s notes found 14 min 27 s
Statistics: What is a p-value? This video defines the p-value as well as significance levels. It includes p-value controversies, as well as null hypothesis decision rules. Based on notes found here: 12 min 48 s