What I wished for in 2019

I wished for better health and a steady recovery.

I wished for continued time with friends and family.

I wished for insight into the little things that make my life so much better.

I wished for understanding, compassion, and a willingness to listen closely, especially to those who are marginalized.

I wished for more energy.

I wished that I would be able to continue to do what I had been doing in both school and work and to fulfill the goals I had set out for myself.

I wished for thankfulness for: all of my relationships (family and friend-oriented particularly); the small moving parts of my day; the in-betweens and the unexpecteds; the ability to work and learn and enjoy my life.

I wished that I could capture that part of me in 2018 that had acknowledged that life might radically change and the ensuing overwhelming feeling of “everything’s going to be ok”.

I wished that I would feel like me again. And that I could continue on the path of envisioning who I wanted to be and work towards that goal.

I wanted to remember that feeling of “having lived life well” up to this point and having very few regrets about my life.

Now that I’m looking back at what I really wanted in 2019, I’m reminded that this is a pretty good life list and that perhaps these were not just the goals for 2019 but for my life.

And I’m pretty happy about these life goals.

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