My Alt-CV/Un-Introduction for #UnboundEq

There's something delightful in thinking about how to design things in the exact opposite way they have been designed previously. In my design experiences, we've used Wrong Theory to "break" design, and I marvel at the ways Wrong Theory continues to infiltrate my life in new and unexpected ways. The newest is, of course, the … Continue reading My Alt-CV/Un-Introduction for #UnboundEq

My Leadership Philosophy Part 1 – My Leadership Definition and Vision

My Definition of Leadership My definition of leadership has definitely evolved throughout this spring semester. From my preliminary paper’s definition - “Leadership is the ability of person or small group of persons to move a group or a situation towards a collective goal” – which mimicked to some degree Northouse’s (2016, pg. 6) definition - … Continue reading My Leadership Philosophy Part 1 – My Leadership Definition and Vision

#PressEdConf2018 Session Tweet Blog

On March 29, 2018, I participated in a WordPress conference entirely held on Twitter. The organizers, Natalie Lafferty (@nlafferty) and Pat Lockley (@pgogy), described the conference as, "PressED is a twitter conference (#pressedconf18) looking into how WordPress is used in teaching, pedagogy and research." The website for the conference can be found here: A … Continue reading #PressEdConf2018 Session Tweet Blog

Social Media Manifesto…part infinity…

So here’s my question/request: #chemSM101 @ #ACSNOLA was a really well documented symposium on Twitter & an example of what live tweeting by multiple “reporters” can do. Are y’all collecting/curating #chemSM101 on a blog? It could serve as a model for the power of using SM @ACSNatlMtg — Rissa Sorensen-Unruh (@RissaChem) March 19, 2018 I'm on … Continue reading Social Media Manifesto…part infinity…

#chemedcarnival Blog Post #1

I am writing the very first post on my new blog and website ( in response to an invitation from the ever awesome Katherine Haxton (@kjhaxton) to participate in a #chemedcarnival: #chemedcarnival ...sharpen your keyboards, the topic will be "The most memorable teaching session you have participated in." D/L for posts, Feb 26th calling: @seerymk … Continue reading #chemedcarnival Blog Post #1