My Leadership Philosophy Part 1 – My Leadership Definition and Vision

My Definition of Leadership My definition of leadership has definitely evolved throughout this spring semester. From my preliminary paper’s definition - “Leadership is the ability of person or small group of persons to move a group or a situation towards a collective goal” – which mimicked to some degree Northouse’s (2016, pg. 6) definition - … Continue reading My Leadership Philosophy Part 1 – My Leadership Definition and Vision

#PressEdConf2018 Session Tweet Blog

On March 29, 2018, I participated in a WordPress conference entirely held on Twitter. The organizers, Natalie Lafferty (@nlafferty) and Pat Lockley (@pgogy), described the conference as, "PressED is a twitter conference (#pressedconf18) looking into how WordPress is used in teaching, pedagogy and research." The website for the conference can be found here: A … Continue reading #PressEdConf2018 Session Tweet Blog

Social Media Manifesto…part infinity…

So here’s my question/request: #chemSM101 @ #ACSNOLA was a really well documented symposium on Twitter & an example of what live tweeting by multiple “reporters” can do. Are y’all collecting/curating #chemSM101 on a blog? It could serve as a model for the power of using SM @ACSNatlMtg — Rissa Sorensen-Unruh (@RissaChem) March 19, 2018 I'm on … Continue reading Social Media Manifesto…part infinity…

#chemedcarnival Blog Post #1

I am writing the very first post on my new blog and website ( in response to an invitation from the ever awesome Katherine Haxton (@kjhaxton) to participate in a #chemedcarnival: #chemedcarnival ...sharpen your keyboards, the topic will be "The most memorable teaching session you have participated in." D/L for posts, Feb 26th calling: @seerymk … Continue reading #chemedcarnival Blog Post #1